West African drumming and dance for schools and the community. Drum classes offering cultural awareness and diversity. Cultural trips to Guinea and The Gambia, West Africa. African Holidays Dance and Performance
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Batafon Arts aims to bring the excitement and dynamic energy of African percussion and dance to wider audiences of all ages, ability and background. No-one is excluded.
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It is our aim to encourage participation in, and enjoyment of, the rhythms and dances of West Africa, whether in a workshop or performance.
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We had a great time earlier this year on our regular trip to Guinea, and the time has come to go again. 

We now have six traditional roundhouses for guests, plus a larger house which can accommodate groups or families.  all accommodation nestles in our compound amongst the avocado, mango and papaya trees we planted. 

The familiar circle of our friends and family will be there, and our fantastic drum teacher, Fauzi, who has recovered from his illness now, will be teaching as usual.  We have a new dance teacher, and for anyone interested in balafon, we have a teacher for you. 

So again, fabulous sunshine, days and nights of music and dance, and lots of yummy African food - something for the soul and the stomach!

CLASSES and Events

Don't forget our regular Monday night drop-in drumming sessions in Brighton. The longest running, and best, djembe workshop in Brighton. The sessions run from 6.30 - 9 pm at the Unitarian Church Hall, New Road. Call us to book a drum. (Not Bank Holidays). For details and to book a drum, contact: Ali - 07791-722093 or email us

Contact us for our next Cambridge all day event led by Ali Bangoura from Guinea Conakry. All levels welcome. All levels welcome.  For details and bookings, contact Lucas: 07790-996845 or lucaskeen@yahoo.co.uk
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