Education and Cultural awareness for schools and the community. West African music, drumming and dance. Ali Bangoura teaches African drumming and dance. African Holidays Dance and Performance
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EducationBatafon Arts school workshops are tailored to answer the growing needs of educators and community groups in order to meet specific directives and provide a meaningful cultural education for young people. This education not only brings to life crucial issues relating to race and cultural diversity, it is also fun and instrumental in promoting a positive atmosphere amongst the children (and staff!).
In addition to timetabled music, song and dance, our work may be combined with subjects such as English, Art, Physical Education, Geography, History and Drama in order to achieve an intergrated, complimentary programme adhering to particular needs.
School WorkshopOur workshops meet many requirements of the National Curriculum. Depending on age and ability, our dance workshops encourage students to move imaginatively, respond to music and to choreographic instruction and to perform to other students, parents and the public. Again, depending on age and ability, our percussion workshops teach basic rhythm, and improve on listening and co-ordination skills.

In all, one of our workshops teaches teamwork and increases the awareness of the various roles and contributions of the different members of the group.


Garden WorkshopFor Community groups, we can provide a workshop which incorporates some elements of the school workshops. Any others you would like to discuss can be developed according to individual group needs.

We have wide experience of working with young people and adults with learning and physical disabilities and our community workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities - from beginners to those with drum/dance experience.

Whichever sector you work in, improving the way people relate and react to each other enhances their performance and makes for a happier, healthier workforce.

Contact us to discuss ways in which our workshops can build a stronger team.

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